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In 1992, President, Linda Jacobs, with her husband and master welder, Rick Sublette, founded Mountain Man Welding and Fabrication, Inc., (MMWF), a premier welding company. MMWF started small and has grown to over 50 employees who handle a wide array of projects ranging in complexity and size.

Our company has succeeded in establishing itself as a major player in the Colorado welding scene specializing in carbon and stainless steel piping, with our primary focus on water pipelines and treatment facilities. Over the years, MMWF has worked on more than 50 large water pipelines in Colorado and Wyoming, welding pipe from 2 to 120 inches in diameter and a spectrum of wall thickness from as thin as .138 to greater than 2 inches.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and our versatility in work. Our dedication and focus has enabled us to take on a myriad of unique jobs. In addition to on-site welding, MMWF operates a fabrication shop capable of cutting, shearing, breaking and rolling carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum, as well an oil & gas field services line, capable of the construction of tank batteries, flow-line, and a variety of other jobs.

Our professional staff is highly productive and well versed in the technical aspects of the trade. We have staffed projects with as many as 90 welders to meet or beat our clients’ deadlines. We have also assisted contractors with problems at Denver International Airport as well as much of the infrastructure across the front range.

ISNETWORLD Member ContractorAccordingly, most of MMWF’s customers are pipe contractors, but we also work with general contractors, municipalities, cities, water districts and many more, including Denver Water.

Colorado is our primary stomping ground; however, we have worked in North Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona and Kansas as well. MMWF’s wide range of capabilities and clients help define the company, but it’s our commitment to quality and exceeding customers’ expectations that really differentiates us.