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Oil and Gas SeparatorsAnother very important component to the tank battery is the separator. Its job is to separate the water from the oil while the sand particles settle to the bottom of the vessel and the gas vapors go through a serious of pressure chambers until they are exhausted out the burner.

Our Crews perform maintenance on the tank batteries and will often times replace separators. The separator is important in order to get a clean, uncontaminated oil to the sales lines.

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Water Tank Construction and Dismantle

Water Tank Construction and DismantleA fairly new innovation in the oilfield is large water tank construction, in which the water tanks are erected on location; thereby, taking the place of trucks hauling tanks to the drilling site and saving companies thousands of dollars.

The larger of these tanks can hold 40,000 BBL (Barrels) which equates to 1,680,000 gallons of water. MMWF has a crew that specializes in erecting and dismantling these tanks.

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Tank Battery Construction

Tank Battery ConstructionOur lead foremen have several years of experience building complete tank batteries including the separators, flowlines, burners, water pits and production tanks. Every piece of the tank battery performs a specific job to keep the battery operating efficiently and safely.

Each tank battery construction job is different from the last in one way or another, lending to the vast knowledge and experience of our crews and leaders. We take pride in building clean-looking tank batteries to our customers specifications.

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Flowline Installation

Oil and Gas ConstructionThe majority of our Oilfield work is conducted in the DJ Basin of Colorado. This tank battery shows flowline installion by MMWF, coming out of the separator. The flowlines’ main job are to get the oil and gas from the well to the separator. This is Rick Sublette’s area of expertise and he has made a name for him self in the DJ Basin, always striving to complete the job safely, on budget, and on time.

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